Free Demo for Silent Hope Available Now on Nintendo Switch™ and PC

Emanuela (18. September 2023 12:34 )

Answer the Call of The Abyss with Free Demo for Silent Hope Available Now on Nintendo Switch™ and PC

Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games Prepare Heroes for Battle with Expanded 'Official World Guide'

Marvelous Europe today surprised fans with the release of a free playable demo for their upcoming action RPG, Silent Hope, which is scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch™ system and Windows PC via Steam worldwide on Oct. 3. The demo allows players to take on the entire first level of the Abyss, and is now available for download digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch and Steam. The demo will also allow players to carry over any progress made to the full release*.

To help adventurers eager to explore The Abyss, Marvelous Europe and XSEED Games will soon release an update to the recently launched 'Official World Guide.' The next update will familiarize players with the user-interface and control scheme, and delve into some of the dangers and opportunities that await them below. While exploring, players may encounter unique challenges including 'Memory Rifts', which transport the player to a special temporary realm containing deadlier monsters that yield rare and powerful loot when defeated, and mysterious 'Blackstone Statue Trials' that reward those strong enough to defeat them. After any expedition into The Abyss, successful or not, players will return to Base Camp, where all seven heroes have their own unique role to play in crafting the supplies needed for the next descent. Whether using gathered materials to create and upgrade equipment at the Warrior's Forge, caring for animals and harvesting their byproducts on the Archer's Farm, or whipping up buff-granting food in the Fighter's Kitchen, everyone has a part to play if the seven heroes hope to conquer the Abyss!

Silent Hope harkens back to the glory days of isometric dungeon-crawlers, but with modern flourishes. Players will take the role of seven unlikely heroes, each with their own unique weapon, fighting style, and non-combat job, spending their days battling through enemies and collecting materials in The Abyss before returning to Base Camp to rest, improve their gear, and prepare for their next adventure into the depths. Each journey into The Abyss will be a fresh experience, with procedurally generated layouts ensuring no two adventures are the same, with greater dangers lurking the further the heroes dare to venture.

Key Features

Seven Heroes, Seven Unique Fighting Styles: Players can choose from a motley crew of characters like the well-rounded Wanderer, long-range specialist Archer, or heavy-hitting Warrior to find whose skills suit their playstyle, and embrace new roles and abilities as they gain more experience.

A Home at the Edge of the World: Find new recipes and materials and return to the Base Camp at the edge of The Abyss, where each character has a unique job. From alchemist to blacksmith to cook, each hero brings something different.

Engaging Exploration and Dungeon-Crawling: Experience a new layout each time players enter the enigmatic Abyss, keeping them on their toes every moment. Stay on the lookout for Memory Rifts, where greater rewards and challenges await.

A Vibrant Storybook Aesthetic: With its mournful princess, spellbound kingdom, and everyday heroes, Silent Hope feels like a fairy tale come to life – right down to the mysteries waiting to be uncovered in the visually stunning underworld.

Preorders are now available for the standard edition via the Marvelous Europe website at participating retailers and is available for digital pre-purchase for 39.99/£34.99 on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Silent Hope will be published by Marvelous Europe for Nintendo Switch in Europe and Australia on October 3rd, 2023. XSEED Games will be publishing the Nintendo Switch version in North America and the PC via Steam version worldwide. This title has been rated PEGI 12.

For more information regarding Marvelous Europe, please visit the official website, or follow @MarvelousEurope on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

*This title does not support cross-platform saves.


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