Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains


On August 12, 2023, the latest DLC for the hunting game from developer Nine Rocks Games and publisher THQ Nordic was released, taking you to the African prairie.


New weapon and animals

With the new DLC "Tikamoon Plains" the developers finally introduce the long-awaited bow, with which you can now go stalking, together with the bow there are also the matching sights. The bow can be purchased in three versions and feels really good in the game. Unfortunately, that's about it in terms of weapons. Since the theme of Africa is in the new DLC, new animal species were added accordingly, you can now hunt for white-tailed wildebeest, warthogs, Cape buffalo, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, lions, spotted hyenas, spitbuck and Nile geese. But be careful, because the animals, especially buffalos and bucks attack you back, which can lead to instant "death". You won't find animals like elephants or giraffes from the developers' point of view, because in real life they are not only slaughtered unnecessarily, but could also have a negative impact on the gameplay, since elephants and giraffes, for example, are rather calm animals that don't run away so quickly.

Incredibly great map

Aurora Shores was already beautifully shot but Tikamoon Plains puts everything in the shade, you can see the attention to detail the developers have put into this map. So you experience Africa with different landscapes, from parched deserts with rocky outcrops, to beautiful grasslands and oases. It's really fun to discover everything by car or on foot. Everywhere you can watch herds grazing or drinking. It feels like the map is a bit smaller, because it is just more wide-view, but the actual size is the same, with about 64 square kilometers. The wide view makes for very good ranged shots. The new map also brings new achievements, which you'll have to work a little harder for this time around.



Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains is a great map that is full of love and details. The varied landscape is really impressive and the flat land makes distance shooting very successful. Along with the nine animal species, the long-awaited bow now also joins the game, which can be used excellently. The graphics are very nice, the animals look authentic and have good animations, it's a pleasure to watch them, moreover, the animal density is much better and more abundant than it was already in the first DLC Aurora Shores. Both Tikamoon Plains and Aurora Shores are part of the Season Pass, which is currently discounted, so for Way of the Hunter fans, it's worth buying the Season Pass, but also the DLC, if you like Africa and the new species.

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