Metal Mutation


On May 4, the post-cyberpunk action roguelike dungeon crawler from developer studio T0 STUDIO and publisher Microids was released, in which you have to save humanity together with an AI. Find out what the title is capable of in my review.

Story and plot:

You take control of a cyborg that is sent into battle against evil nanomachines, because the future once again does not promise anything good, greedy corporations have taken the upper hand and rule the world with evil nanomachines. The dangerous thing is that the nanomachines can turn animals into cyber monsters. This sounds familiar to you except for the transforming of the animals? Keywords, Hades.

Power Ups and More

Your cyborg and his AI buddy explore procedurally generated dungeons, collecting power-ups and money that you can use to buy more power-ups along the way. You'll have a selection of different weapons available, each of which offers a different combat style and different options to customize the collectibles. The objective is usually to choose a specific aspect of combat and develop a build around it, highlighting your strengths as much as possible to minimize attrition and overcome tough boss fights. You'll have a wider range of combat options than Prince Zagreus, including different ranged attacks, defensive maneuvers and more, which adds a bit of complexity and might especially appeal to players who are already familiar with the genre.

Variety with Megaman Style

The selection of upgrades and options is larger than in Hades, which encourages a greater variety of builds. You can even steal the powers of Megaman-style boss enemies, which provides an additional attack path and another option for upgrades. If there's really anything to complain about, it's the lack of impact and feedback when you attack, which can be a problem when you need to time counterattacks properly, for example. Since more and more games rely on co-op, you can participate in monster waves with up to three other players in the lair to collect resources and learn attack patterns.

Class art style

The presentation of Metal Mutation is pretty nice. We have a kind of cel-shaded anime art style here with all the cyberpunk elements you know and love. The design of the enemies in particular is very pretty thanks to all the cyborgized animals. A crazy, gun-toting robot is one thing, but taking on a mecha-tiger with laser claws is another. The fitting soundtrack makes for an action-packed atmosphere, especially when fighting.




Metal Mutation could be described as "there are mecha tigers with laser claws that you can defeat to claim their powers for yourself" or simply as a successful improved version of Hades. Whereby even newcomers can have fun thanks to many hints. The procedurally generated dungeons provide replay value that makes each run unique, and those who like to play with friends can fight waves of monsters in the safe house with up to three other players, not only collecting resources but also learning attack patterns.

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