Endling – Extinction is Forever

Dark, melancholic and still beautiful, will your journey be, as the last fox on earth What the first game of the Spanish developer Herobeat Studios has to offer, I'll tell you in my PC review.

Storyline and plot:

In "Endling - Extinction is Forever" we play a vixen who flees from a blazing forest fire and back to her lair, where she unceremoniously gives birth to her pups afterwards. A few days pass, when one night a stranger kidnaps one of her cubs. As a mother fox, it is our job to keep the remaining foxes alive by making sure they rest during the day and eat enough at night. In addition, we look for clues to find our lost cub again. The story in the game is quite dark, melancholic and told in different stages, which I won't spoil here.

Survival and skills

As a mother fox you have to take good care of your little ones, because there are numerous dangers, such as traps, people and wild hunters.  At night your children follow you and have to eat, which should not be a problem for you as a mother fox, because the play area is lushly covered, so you can find rabbits, frogs, fish, mice, fruit and even garbage scraps to get your offspring. You yourself don't need any food because it's enough if your puppies eat. A life bar at the bottom shows you how hungry your pups are and how much a killed animal fills up, if the bar is at zero and is not filled up in time, one of the pups will die. Should you yourself be injured and tap into a trap again or be shot by the hunter, this is not particularly tragic, because the day merely repeats itself for you. On certain paths, your pups will learn new skills such as digging for food or squeezing through thin crevices.

Beautiful, ever-changing game world

As a worried mother fox, you don't give up hopes of finding your pup again, so while you search for hints, not only do the days and next pass, but the world changes noticeably and you unlock new passages. Often, small details only become visible later, as you once again walk down the paths you've already discovered. As abilities also gradually form in the pups, new passages are also opened as food sources become scarcer over time.

Great soundtrack, little replay value.

The soundtrack is very atmospheric in the game and draws out the dark, sad world you are trapped in in the game and somewhat mirrors the real world we live in. This is really well done and makes up a lot of the game, unfortunately the gameplay is already finished in a maximum of 4-5 hours, once you experience the story there is nothing to spur you on to play the game again, there are no different endings, the only thing that changes is the number of your surviving pups and that is a real shame.



Endling - Extinction is Forever I basically liked very much, the gameplay and story is emotional and heartwarming but at the same time very rough and brutal. We have to keep our puppies alive in the cold, ruthless world of humans and at the same time search for our kidnapped puppy by sniffing out its trail every now and then. In doing so, we are drawn further and further to strange and dangerous places teeming with people who mean us harm. The more days we spend in a place, the more difficult it becomes to find enough food to satiate our puppies, so that they can also die. At certain points, the game then triggers their abilities, which help us get to other food sources, etc., that we wouldn't otherwise be able to reach. The game world adapts and changes as the days go by, many details gradually become visible, along with the beautiful soundtrack that provides the right atmosphere in the game. Unfortunately, nothing changes during a repeated playthrough and after a good five hours, the fun is already over. The end is predetermined and in principle only changes in the number of surviving puppies. The humans pose only a limited threat, because if we die once we simply start again from the same day we died and it also doesn't matter if we eat or not, only the puppies are important. I also found the day and night cycle a bit strange, because it doesn't automatically become night again when the day has begun and we continue to explore everything, so we are forced to return to our foxhole again and again so that another night begins. I would therefore recommend the game, but only in a sale.

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