Busway Islands Arrives on Consoles July 11th!

Emanuela (09. July 2024 11:50 )

Busway Islands Arrives on Consoles July 11th!

Solve puzzles in a relaxing experience


São Paulo, July 8, 2024 - QUByte Interactive, in collaboration with Rising Moon Games studio, has announced that the puzzle game Busway Islands will be released on July 11 for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

In Busway Islands, players will be challenged to build roads and train lines across a vast archipelago, ensuring efficient connections between stations and ensuring that all passengers are transported without any issues!

The turn-based combat gameplay and many other elements will challenge the most demanding players who like their games to be a little more difficult, and all with a colorful, pixelated look reminiscent of the great console classics of yesteryear.


With 35 unique levels, you will immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere, featuring minimalist visuals and an engaging soundtrack that sets the perfect scene for solving all the puzzles, pushing your logical skills to the limit.


Originally designed to be played exclusively with a mouse, the console version has been carefully adapted for a controller gaming experience. Therefore, Busway Islands offers a serene and accessible experience enjoyable for players of all ages.

Key features of Busway Islands:

  • 35 islands with different challenges to explore
  • Sound effects and music designed for a relaxing gaming experience
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Minimalist and colorful visual style
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay, ideal for all audiences


About Rising Moon Games:

Rising Moon Games is a Brazilian game developer committed to creating increasingly interesting and exciting games for players of all ages. With an innovative approach and creative vision, the company is establishing itself as one of the leading game developers in Brazil.

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About QUByte Interactive

QUByte is the largest publisher of independent games for consoles in Latin America. It is also an experienced and well-established studio for the development of authorial titles, specialized and recognized for its focus on retro games and its work in porting classics from the past to modern consoles through its own engine, the QUByte Emulation Engine. The company's main objective is to develop and expand the local games sector through development, porting and publishing partnerships.



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