Check Out This PT-Inspired First-Person Psychological Indie Adventure

Emanuela (11. June 2024 10:31 )

Check Out This PT-Inspired First-Person Psychological Indie Adventure

Steam Next Fest is here and we at Iphigames are very excited to announce that Haunted Bloodlines is participating for the first time! Everyone is free to download our demo and experience the horror of the haunted mansion firsthand.


We have enhanced our demo to provide a better horror experience. The game's optimization has been improved to ensure smoother gameplay and a more immersive environment.


Try our demo today and share your feedback to help shape the final development of the game perfectly!

In Haunted Bloodlines, uncover dark family secrets as you explore a haunted mansion. This first-person survival journey features stunning visuals and terrifying sound effects, making every moment feel real and every shadow hides a mystery.


Your only way to survive is to hide or run!

Add Haunted Bloodlines to your Steam Wishlist today. Stay updated with the latest news and be among the first to uncover the spooky secrets of the haunted mansion!

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