Survival sandbox adventure Return From Core is seeking funding on Kickstarter

Emanuela (15. September 2023 14:26 )


The game aims to be released on Steam Early Access in 2023

2P Games and Tanxun Studio announce that its survival sandbox adventure, Return From Core, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather additional funding to not only wrap up the game's release but also look for opportunities to add new features, quests, characters or even port to other platforms. The game will be released in Steam Early Access in 2023. In Return From Core, players have to dig for materials to craft new gear and defend their camp against the creatures and perils of the Core.


Return From Core is a survival sandbox adventure that throws players into the Inner Earth, a world within a world where the main character seeks shelter after the catastrophe that left the surface as a wasteland and shattered all signs of civilization. Exploring a vast array of treacherous caves and tunnels will give you the tools to survive in an unforgiving environment. But who knows if, during your expeditions, you will find the knowledge and technology that one day, hopefully, will let you return to the surface to start a new life.


  • Explore the underground world with you trusty pickaxe and a lantern. Gather materials to craft new gear, weapons and much more... but beware of the dangers that lie ahead.
  • Build your camp and decorate it with your DIY furniture. Everybody needs a safe place to return to after a hard work's day!
  • Fight the creatures of Inner Earth. You are not alone and these creatures aren't gonna let you trespass their realm. Craft powerful weapons, bombs, and traps, defeat them and get rich rewards.
  • Build automated production lines. Once you discover lost technologies and gather better materials you will be able to build automated production lines to improve the materials you get and the items you craft.

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