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Gather your forces and face off with your friends in SRG’s upcoming roguelike, Champion Shift!

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 15 September 2023 | SRG Studios is proud to introduce their newest character, Gilgamesh, to their roster of champions in the upcoming PC release, Champion Shift. Alongside Gilgamesh’s preview, a new multiplayer demo is available now on Steam. Bring the fight to the Dominion’s doorstep and add strength to your team of champions.

Inspired by Mesopotamian legend, Gilgamesh is loyal and assertive and strikes with brute force. Driven by a devotion to his fellow champions and his reverence for battle, Gilgamesh welcomes the Dominion’s challenging hordes and seeks glory in their demise. Despite his healthy ego and arrogance, however, he recognizes the ever-present threat of the Dominion over his friends’ lives and will stop at nothing to protect them.

Accentuating his raw power, Gilgamesh wears a set of golden gauntlets to amplify his physical strength. His attacks unleash bursts of solar energy that increase through character-specific boons. Aspects of his kit, including his Solar Burst and Ray of Sunshine, debuff enemies' defenses and increase skill cooldown, handing GIlgmesh an easy advantage on the battlefield. Accompanying Gilgamesh is the spirit of Enkidu–a comrade to the King of Uruk–who comes to the champion’s aid as he is wounded, inflicting enemies with Bleed. In flashy fashion, Gilgamesh swaps in and out of a vehicle form and infuses his transformations with damaging attacks. 

Gilgamesh joins Sun Wukong and Athena in Champion Shift’s roster of future playable characters. In anticipation of the title’s further announcements, an updated multiplayer demo has launched on Steam and is available now. This demo brings quality-of-life updates and offers a glimpse into the Champion Shift world. Get your friends into the fun before the game’s full release with the new multiplayer feature.

Champion Shift grants you control of legendary warriors to enact justice on the Dominion, a shadow corporation bent on world domination. The hunt begins as your champions, equipped with the newfound power of their vehicle forms, battle through the Dominion’s forces in search of victory.


About SRG Studios

SRG Studios was founded in 2013 with a focus on developing mobile games. Known for games like, Ink Inc., Heroes Inc., and Sausage Wars, our games have been downloaded over 200 million times. The release of Champion Shift will mark our transition from mobile games to PC and consoles.

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